Props for Weddings in Miami and Fort Lauderdale

Add Props to your Miami Wedding

Do you need props for your wedding in the Miami or Fort Lauderdale areas?  We are much more than just a prop house in Miami.  We can help you design a wedding scene for your special day that will be unforgettable.  As master art directors for Hollywood movies, we can create an atmosphere that will bring your vision to life.  Wedding decor is much more than just table centerpieces.  From the moment your guests walk into the event, they should be immersed in the visual sensation of your wedding.  It’s that “special feeling” that one gets when you walk into an event and everything feels right… from the lighting, to the decor, to the plants, to the cotton curtains swaying from a gazebo.

Call or contact us for a quote.  We are confident our expertise and vision can take your vision to another level!